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Brennan & Clark Explains How Collection Agency Works


The collection agency comprises of debt collectors whose main aim is to collect outstanding balance. At times they work for a third part collection agency, however, they can also be from the original creditor as well. Well-know debt collectors are supposed to abide by the laws, which include consumer protection laws. When getting in touch with a Collection Agency, they are also supposed to be fair, courteous and sincere.

A collection agency is a firm hired by a company holding a business debt for the reason of collecting the money owed. Based upon the state in which the collection agency and debtor are situated, its tactics may vary from respectful phone calls to borderline annoyance to lawsuits over the outstanding debt. Collection agencies are present as in most cases, the cost of collecting on an outstanding debt can be more than the debt itself. A small or medium scale business cannot go to court if a client refuses to pay a bill as the legal fees are likely to surpass that amount. Collection agencies merge other companies’ debt, through commissioned contracts or absolute purchase, and can be profitable based on effectiveness and amount.

Brennan & Clark functions as a collection agency that offers receivables management and debt recovery services. The company has been established in the year 1980 and is located in Villa Park. Illinois. The company believes that collections are a craft, something that needs to be implemented, developed and improved over and over again. The company gets the best results for the clients as their team understands this idea, and they all have the experience and training to prove it.

Basically, collection agencies offer a service to businesses that enable creditors to outsource collections to a third party. As accounts become delinquent creditors may get in touch with a collection agency to pursue payment. What is important to note in this situation is that the collection agencies do not own the debt. The amount owed by the consumer is still controlled and owned by the original creditor. In this situation, the collection agency works as a middleman between the creditor and the consumer in exchange for a fraction of the amount collected. Most number of collection agencies operates this way, meaning that they are remunerated only when they are able to fruitfully collect on an account. Collection Calls are usually made for medical bills, credit cards, mortgages, and auto and personal loans.

At Brennan & Clark, they try to fit the clients into how they do business; they try hard to work as an addition of the customer’s business.  Approaching each client with a totally customized approach to partnering with them, allows the suppleness essential to accommodate their requirements. This is possible owing to the team that they have assembled. The company has the best team of negotiators in the industry working to back the clients’ rights.  Having the best team is the foundation stone to the ability to offer an unmatched level of service to the clients.

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