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CNG Cars: Safety And Maintenance Tips Revealed


Over the years, the Indian car industry has evolved from petrol cars in the 1950s to electric vehicles in the 2020s. Cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency have been persistent concerns for Indian buyers. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has emerged as a popular alternative, offering economic and eco-friendly advantages.


Rise Of CNG In India

CNG has gained popularity in India due to its cost-effectiveness and significant air pollution reduction. Widely accepted, especially in commercial transportation in Delhi NCR, there has been a notable surge in CNG car adoption in the last five to eight years. Before purchasing a new vehicle, it’s essential to carefully review and understand the car policy termsto ensure comprehensive coverage and compliance with legal requirements.

Concerns And Maintenance Of CNG Vehicles

Despite the undeniable safety of CNG cars, concerns often arise regarding their maintenance. Introducing a CNG kit to a vehicle alters its original state, necessitating regular and proper maintenance to prevent potential issues. Many individuals prefer to buy car insurance online to streamline the process and enjoy convenience. *

Choosing Authorised CNG Kits

Selecting authorised CNG kits is crucial to ensuring the safety and performance of CNG vehicles. Modern CNG cars often come equipped with reliable company-fitted CNG kits. When converting a petrol vehicle to CNG, choosing an approved CNG kit from a manufacturer-authorised dealer is advised to avoid safety hazards associated with substandard kits.

Spark Plug Inspection And Replacement

Regularly inspecting and replacing spark plugs is essential for a CNG vehicle to function correctly. Spark plugs, responsible for igniting fuel, play a critical role in the engine’s performance. The shorter distance between the spark plug’s tip and the spark source in CNG vehicles requires careful selection of high-quality, CNG-compatible spark plugs. Mechanics typically recommend changing spark plugs every 10,000 kilometres or six months.

Throttle Body Cleaning

The throttle body, connecting the air filter to the intake manifold, is crucial in ensuring smooth air intake during combustion. Regular throttle body cleaning is necessary to prevent slow acceleration and rough idling. A cleaner or water spray removes accumulated dirt and debris, maintaining the engine’s efficiency.

CNG Tank Inspection For Leaks

Given the highly flammable nature of CNG, checking for leaks in the CNG tank is crucial. Although natural gas is odourless, a strong-smelling chemical is added to detect leaks. If a leak is detected, immediate attention from a CNG mechanic is essential.

Following these CNG car maintenance tips is crucial for safety and longevity. Additional safety measures include avoiding phone use at petrol stations, refraining from smoking in the car and starting in petrol mode before switching to CNG. Neglecting proper maintenance may lead to internal component damage, incurring potentially expensive repairs. Buying car insurance online is advisable to safeguard against unforeseen events and ensure continued peace of mind for CNG vehicle owners.

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