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Exploring the best Bollywood gossips of 2024



The world of Bollywood is beyond its array of spectacular movies. The Bollywood movies and songs have become a significant identity for Indians. The rich history of the industry has groomed several icons and stars and welcomed fans from across nations. But the industry is also known for its inside scoop, some controversial and some shocking to know. The latest Bollywood box office has raised brows as it has been a relatively small opening compared to the year, 2023. Beyond the commercial projects and celebrity glamour, there have been a few gossip sprawling in recent months that have drawn the attention of the fans. Read along to find out a few Bollywood rumours that have gained momentum recently.

latest Bollywood box office

1. A New Star Couple?

Recently, the actor Naga Chaitanya shared a post on Instagram. The post on its own would not have raised brows. What added to the intrigue is the pictures shared by the ‘Made in Heaven’ star. Sobhita Dhulipala shared a picture with a similar background to that of the actor. Fans have been suspecting the two to be holidaying together. The rumoured star couple had already been spotted frequently. That is the reason the Instagram posts have ignited the speculations on the duo’s relationship.

Naga Chaitanya’s post pictures him against the outline of a beautiful sunset on a vehicle likely to be a jeep. Sobhita’s picture also has her seated in a jeep with an evening sundew falling on her skin. The latter is expecting her international debut with the film, ‘Monkey Man’. The actor is also preparing for his comeback with Sai Pallavi, after their successful project ‘Love Story’ released in 2021.

2. The Stars Who Turned Down Karan Johar’s 175Cr Project

There were three stars, before Arjun Kapoor, who were offered a role to play in the film ‘2 States’. The film recently celebrated its one-decade anniversary. The film continues to be loved by fans. The producer of the film and the author, Chetan Bhagat, gave away the news. Initially, the main male role was offered to the actor Saif Ali Khan, who turned down the offer. Later, the opportunity was passed on to Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. There were some creative disagreements with the former, as he expected a different setting.

As they both rejected the roles, Karan Johar recommended the name of Arjun Kapoor, who eventually played the lead role. Even during the trailer launch of the film the producer had openly expressed his concerns about the casting. But as the film crossed over 100 crores in revenue, the crew was convinced that they had the perfect cast.

3. Aamir Khan on ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’

The latest promo that released on the Great Indian Kapil Show, having Aamir Khan as a guest, has intrigued fans with a few awkward questions that may have put the actor in a fix. The actor is known for his honesty and integrity, and the show is set to explore his career and personal life. Aamir Khan was asked about settling down in life, hinting at his third matrimony. He is making a television appearance after a long time, and the episode has stirred a lot of suspense.

The actor has made it a heartfelt interview, reasoning why he misses award ceremonies and venting about his kids not listening to him anymore. Aamir Khan has yet again captured attention with his candour and witty responses.

4. Who Was the First Choice For ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has offered many visual treats to Bollywood fans. One such is the upcoming movie ‘Heeramandi’. The visual appeal and star casting have stirred more attention. People await the screen presence of many, including, Manisha Koirala. But, would you believe this actor would have been the face of one of the SRK hits?

The actor spilt something shocking in an interview recently. She recently disclosed information that has been shocking to critics and fans. The actor rejected the all-time favourite Bollywood movie, ‘Dil To Pagal Hai’. The actor commented that she was afraid to play alongside Madhuri Dixit, which is why she backed out of the project. The actor regretted backing out of the movie because of a co-star. There was no feud as such, as the duo reunited to collaborate for the film ‘Lajjo’ later. The actor admits to having made a big mistake by rejecting it, and it is indeed unbelievable for the fans as an opportunity to work with Yash Chopra is a dream come true for Indian artists.

5. Nora Fatehi on Papparazi

The actor has worked in plenty of movies in the South and Bollywood industry. Known for her versatility and hardworking demeanour, she has drawn viewers for her recent statements made on paparazzi. The actor called out the paparazzi culture to be inappropriate, as they were zooming in on certain body parts of the actor. The actor said that it was done to most female actors and wondered why it continues. There have been similar instances of female actors like Mrunal Thakur and others, who have refused to turn around while posing to the media.

She mentioned, ‘They may not save seen assets like hers, and that she was confident about them’. She even addressed rumours about getting surgeries and mentioned that she was blessed to have a body like hers.

6. Raveena Tandon on Her Daughter

The daughter of the actor, Rasha Thadani, had been repeatedly linked to dating Malaika Arora’s son, Arhaan Khan. Rasha is awaiting her debut film with stars like Abhishek Kapoor. Raveena was asked in an interview about the love advice she would give her daughter. The actor responded by drawing focus to her studies and career and nothing else. However, the young couple has been spotted at several places together. Rasha had already caught attention when she commented on getting a role, despite giving an average audition. Apart from the relationship rumours, the young artist has been showcasing a hardworking nature with a promising acting career.

Summing Up

Bollywood is not the same without a peak into the drama inside. The stardom may conceal many dark truths and secrets from the fan base. Amidst the feuds, the industry continues promising projects shortly. Stay tuned for more Bollywood gossip this year, as there are plenty of rumours brewing.

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