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Learn The Differences Between Roomba E5 Vs 960″ Online.


Roomba is a smart vacuum cleaner which is created by iRobot. It is designed in an innovative way that it moves across the floor automatically without any human effort. It has specialized smart sensors which are able to detect the directions and the objects coming it’s way. And accordingly, the smart vacuum cleaner cleans the floor or the carpet wherever it finds dirt and filth. These cleaners are round in shape and hence are able to move in all directions. You can learn the differences between Roomba e5 vs 960, online.

What are the major differences and similarities between the Roomba e5 and Roomba 960?

Both the models of Roomba smart vacuum cleaner are very effective. The main differences and similarities between the two can be understood as mentioned below:

Color, Size and measurements: The designs of booth the Roomba models are very similar. There are only a few differences and some colour variations. The Roomba e5 is available in chromatic black colour and on the other hand, the Roomba 960 model is available in a dark grey shade. The external shape of both the smart cleaners is circular and pretty much identical. The differences are in the layout of the control buttons. The buttons are arranged in a horizontal pattern in Roomba 960 and in a vertical pattern in Roomba e5.

Technology and advancement: The two models differ in the motion and navigation technology. This is probably the most important distinction between the two devices. The 960 model is very advances and closer to the present technology. It runs on iAdapt 2.0, while the Roomba e5 runs and works on a slightly older technology of iAdapt 1.0. The main feature of the Roomba 960 has a front view camera that is installed right on the top of the device. This map allows the machine to create a map of the entire flooring system of the house plan. It is also how it is able to detect objects such as furniture which might come in front of it.

What is the cleaning capacity of both the Roomba smart vacuum cleaner models?

Both devices use the same cleaning motor and provide effective results. They have the exact same suction mechanism. It is the air suction system that establishes which device is more powerful and better at cleaning. In this case, both the Roomba models are exactly the same and give excellent cleaning results. They are very efficient on smoother and hard floors however; cleaning really thick and furry carpets can be a little difficult for them.

So, from the above-mentioned information, you can learn about all the major differences and similarities between Roomba e5 vs 960″.

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