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The Top Five Locations for the Pre-wedding photo Shoot in Pondicherry.


The wedding has been an auspicious and important life event for Indians for ages. Be it due to the opportunity the family and extended relatives get to come together after long or coming together for a grand celebration. But nowadays one important part of fancy weddings is the pre-wedding photoshoot. Today we shall talk about the beautiful locations for the pre-wedding photoshoot in Pondicherry. Choosing the right and attractive spots for the shoot is a difficult and tiring job. Though the town is known for its photogenic nature, so there are a lot of options, few of them are:

Rock Beach: This beautiful 1.5 kilometers long beach is a great spot that is chosen by the wedding photographers in Pondicherry for the shoots. The sunsets and sunrise make the spot more beautiful and pleasing for the wedding shoots. Beaches have always been on the priority list of the photographers as well as the couple for getting their pictures clicked. One can have great pictures by the ocean water, handicrafts, or home décor shops besides spending some quality time.

Streets of the white town: The streets along the white town of Pondicherry are referred to as a part of France in India. The white and yellow walls, the streets built in the European style, the beautiful and bright bougainvillea flowers make a perfect scene for the pre wedding photography pondicherry. It can be a great idea to include this picturesque location in your wedding photographs because it is a one-time thing that the couples get to do before they are married, and it shall be etched in the memories forever.

French windows: Two hundred years of French influence has resulted in making the Indian city ‘Pondicherry’ looks like a French colony. There is no doubt that the location is so pleasing to the eyes that people visiting might forget the task in hand and maybe stunned by its beauty. The architecture of these French quarters is the main reason that makes the wedding photographers in Pondicherry chooses the place. The French windows hold their own beauty as well as the importance, and that is what adds beauty to the pre-wedding photographs of the couples.

Beach resorts: Beach resorts can be a safe and easy-going option for a pre-wedding shoot because the couples won’t have to go far from their rooms. They can just stay within the premises of the resort and get their pre-wedding pictures clicked. Some resorts have a beautiful breathtaking view of the ocean waters and sunsets as well. Few resorts can be an option for the shoots due to its colonial architecture. The beach sands, palm trees, and ocean waves can make the album a memorable one for the lifetime.

Serenity Beach: The golden beach has a picturesque location with sand, waves, and palm trees. This beach, in particular, has a view of the Bay of Bengal, which stretches far behind and adds to the beauty of the work. The photographers make sure to capture the sunsets in the picture, and since it isn’t too crowded, it is easy for the couples to get clicked without being conscious. Nature is at its best when we talk about the Serenity beach.

Here were the top five places that made to the list of best locations in Pondicherry for pre-wedding shoots. There are a lot more. The photographers can choose the locations according to the needs of the couples and their demands. They need to be careful about the budget as well. Some may like the sand and waters to be a part of their photoshoot, but few might like the sunsets or the French architecture. So, it differs from couple to couple and their themes.

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