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Top Youtube Funny Channels:


Humor on YouTube is not limited to blows, Futurama scenes, and cats doing things. There are several comedians who have found a new way to reach the public in the channels of this portal and, in many cases, they do so with a product of enormous quality.

As much as there are new utilities and tools, such as the possibility of following live political events, in community tab YouTubers ask funny quiz questions and answers to their followers, YouTube serves mainly to hang out. And this is achieved in two ways: with the loose videos of its millions of users and thanks to those who upload the accounts that are dedicated to it professionally. There are some of the best YouTube funny channels that we show you today.

Some spend more time and others less, so in some of these channels you can find hundreds of videos and in others, there are only a few. But if they appear in this list of the best YouTube funny channels, it is because they make us laugh with them. Of course, we have tried not to include the best known, but try to introduce new entertainment options that you might not know.

5 Second Films:

How much do you need to make a person laugh? In 5 Second Films, as you have deduced the most horny, a few moments. Not all videos last 5 seconds, but when they exceed this figure it is for a very short time, but that does not cause them to lose quality. Quite the contrary.

The best thing about the channel is that its premise does not prevent them from creating all kinds of situations, so they do not put limits on their mood. Sometimes it’s macabre and sometimes absurd, but it’s always great. Also, watching several videos will rarely take more than two minutes.


TomSka is famous for his short animated asdf, of which there have already been six deliveries. And, judging by the millions of visits they have received (not counting those that have been uploaded to other channels), you may have already seen them.

But that’s not the only thing Thomas Ridgewell does, far from it. Although they cannot compete with asdf in fame, the rest of their videos can do so in quality. In fact, in all of them, we find his peculiar sense of humor so self-referential. In addition, it is curious to see which face corresponds to that voice that we already associate with his drawings.

Jaboody Dubs:

If you have spent hours watching the TV (admit it: you have done it ), you will love Jaboody Dubs, a channel in which these advertising videos are folded with new scripts much more interesting than the originals.

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The result, hilarious, owes much to the voice of the doubler, but also to the ridiculous situations shown in this type of advertising (not to mention the products themselves). Anyway, there are also other videos on this channel, such as trailers or video games.

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