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Translation Services in Dubai: The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Hiring This Service!


What do you remember when you think about translation agencies ? That the services are simple, almost always the same or that no specialization is required to act as a translator?

Well, these are some of the many clichés that exist about translations and they are very wrong! Many people think this way because they do not know how they work and end up making these mistakes even unintentionally.

Here we separate the seven most common errors, with a good explanation of the truth of each of these clichés. This will give you a much better view of translations!

7 Translation Agency Mistakes and Cliches

It’s okay if you thought any of the cliches below were true, as this may be due to unfamiliarity in the area. From now on, you will no longer make these mistakes!

1 – Translation services are easy

To start our list, one of the most common themes: the thought that translations are simple things.

Every job has its difficulties and this also applies to translation services. Each document, book, article, website, application, game, or content to be translated has its own peculiarities.

One fact that will help you better understand is that literal translation is not always ideal. In fact, in many cases literality goes far from translating from one language to another in a document.

A translator’s knowledge goes beyond translating texts from one language to another. Translate is an art that has its own difficulties.

2 – Anyone can start working immediately as a translator

One strand of the first cliché above is that anyone can start offering translation services at any time. This is not exactly how the process works.

The professional needs to be prepared to provide good quality service, just as it should in all other areas. Really, anyone can translate as long as they study, have knowledge and strive for it.

There are undergraduate courses in Translation, and even a Bachelor of Arts degree can help anyone who wants to work in translation agencies , even if they are not required – those who truly master the desired languages ​​have a good chance of being a good translator.

3 – Quality is the same as machine translation

It’s easy to understand a document in another language today: just copy and paste the content into a machine translation tool – like Google Translate – and wait a few seconds. However, the quality is not even comparable to that of a specialized professional.

It is true that professionals use translation tools, better known as translation memories, but they are quite different from those used in everyday life.

All the work is done by the translator, with the difference that professional translation memory software helps to streamline the process and make it even better, which ensures a high level of quality.

4 – Translation agencies are not in high demand

It may be that many people around you have never needed a professional translation service, but there is a huge demand around the world.

Common Sense Advisory, a US company specializing in translation research, reported in 2019 that the area is up 5.52% a year, which is very significant.

Not surprisingly, as content creation abounds, it grows from corporate websites to scientific studies and literary books.

5 Time issue

Typically, a translation agency can deliver a more common, low-laudatory service within two business days. When it comes to much more specific technical translations, the service can take up to five business days on average.

Still, each agency has its delivery times, which may vary according to the availability of professionals and the urgency of the client. What can be guaranteed is that the service is not instantaneous as it needs to be performed very carefully.

6 – All translation agencies are equal

As much as services tend to be the same, it is unwise to claim that all companies are equal.

Each agency has a team of translators with particular market experience, expertise in different areas of translation services and other distinguishing features.

This is the same thing that can happen in a law firm, for example: even though lawyers practice the same profession, each one has his or her own specialty, as well as more or less renown and professional experience.

7 – Service is very expensive

To close the list, we come up with one item that is often the source of much confusion: the price. Of course each service has its own particular complexity, but that does not mean that they cost a fortune.

The value of each translation varies according to the type of work: the size of the content you want to translate, the source and target language, and the degree of urgency, but it fits well in business and individual budgets. .

A very important advice when it comes to price: don’t just rely on it to choose a translation agency . There are other more important criteria, such as the experience and knowledge of professionals.

Demystify the translation services!

Just as there are pitfalls in translation, there are also some points that can confuse the most unprepared about this area, which is quite common. The best way to prevent yourself is to learn well about it.

Now that you know the main errors and clichés in the area, you have several criteria for selecting a Translation in Dubai. Research hard before you make up your mind and ensure the best service possible!

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