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What Is A Pivot Door (Design Types & Options)


A pivot door is not your ordinary entryway; it’s a statement piece that adds an architectural touch to any home or commercial space. Unlike traditional doors that are hinged on one side, pivot doors rotate on a set of pins mounted at the top and bottom of the door, creating a smooth and dramatic opening. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating an office, or simply looking to add a modern touch to your interiors, understanding what a pivot door is and the diverse styles it comes in can open up a world of design possibilities.

In this guide, we will delve into the unique design types and options available for pivot doors, exploring how they can transform the look and feel of your interior design.

Pivot Door Design Types

1. Pivot Front Door Or Exterior Pivot Hinged Doors

Design Types & Options

These are designed to make an impact right at the entrance of your home or office. They are larger than standard doors and pivot on a set of pins rather than traditional side hinges, allowing for a wider opening. Their unique operation and grand scale add a touch of modern elegance to any exterior.

2. Interior Pivot Style Doors

Interior pivot doors rotate on a vertical axis, providing an eye-catching design element. These are perfect for creating seamless transitions between rooms. They can be custom-designed to match your interior decor, thus enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space.

3. Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot shower door design is a popular choice in contemporary bathrooms. The door pivots from a point at the top and bottom, allowing it to open inwards or outwards. This type of sliding door design is ideal for smaller spaces as it requires less clearance than a traditional hinged door.

4. Pivot Closet Doors

Pivot closet doors rotate on a central axis, allowing full access to the closet’s contents. These offer a stylish alternative to traditional sliding or bi-fold closet doors. They’re a great way to add a modern touch to bedrooms or dressing areas.

5. Pivot Pocket Door

A pivot pocket door design combines the space-saving benefits of a pocket door with the distinctive operation of a pivot door. When opened, the door disappears into a compartment in the wall, freeing up valuable floor space. This sleek and practical sliding door design is a solution for small rooms or areas where space is at a premium.

Door Pivot Options

1. Frameless

Frameless pivot doors are all about achieving a minimalist, modern aesthetic. They offer an uninterrupted view, making spaces appear larger and more open. Crafted without visible frames, these doors provide a sleek and seamless look that can easily blend with any decor style.

2. Insulated

Insulated pivot doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They feature a core of insulating material sandwiched between layers of other materials, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. Perfect for both hot and cold climates, they offer superior thermal performance while maintaining the door’s functionality and style.

3. Tinted

Tinted pivot door design adds a touch of privacy and style to your space. The tint not only reduces visibility from the outside but also helps in filtering sunlight, reducing glare and heat. They are ideal for areas where you want to control light exposure without compromising on design.

4. UV Ray Blocking

UV ray blocking pivot doors are built with special glass that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. This helps to protect your interior furnishings from fading and your skin from potential damage. While blocking UV rays, these doors still let in natural light, keeping your spaces bright and inviting.

5. Glazed Glass

Glazed glass pivot doors are a perfect blend of beauty and performance. The glazing process involves adding an extra layer or coating to the glass, enhancing its strength and insulation properties. These doors allow natural light to flow freely, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere while ensuring energy efficiency.

Pivot doors offer a wide range of design types and options that can significantly enhance your home or office’s aesthetic and functional appeal. From exterior to interior applications, these doors make a bold statement while providing practical benefits like space-saving and energy efficiency. Whether you prefer the minimalist charm of a frameless design or the privacy offered by tinted glass, there is a pivot door to suit every style and need.

Remember, the type of pivot door you choose can dramatically impact the look and feel of your interior design, so consider your options carefully. With the right pivot door, you can transform an ordinary doorway into a remarkable architectural feature.

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