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Custom Bobbleheads – The Many Choices Available


Custom bobblehead have come a long way since they were first introduced to the public. In the early 1980’s they were simply plastic dolls of a person’s head with a mouth and eyes closed. Since then, custom bobbleheads have evolved into a fun and enjoyable collectible. There is a wide range of styles available in different colors and shapes. All custom bobbleheads are made from either porcelain or plastic.

If you want to ensure your doll is shipped in time for Christmas, there is the option of placing the special delivery note in the packaging you receive the doll in. This way, your bobblehead will be ready to go before Christmas day arrives!

Bobblehead manufacturers offer many different styles and designs, but each will use one of two primary methods for custom bobblehead manufacturing. These two methods include injection molding and cold foam sculpting.

Both of these manufacturing methods require the same basic ingredients for the creation of custom bobbleheads, which are plastic dolls and certain paints. Although it is possible to create custom bobbleheads with other materials, such as paper, there is no real need for this type of


Some of the most popular styles of custom bobbleheads are seven-inch dolls, which are the height most commonly used by custom bobblehead manufacturers. In addition to the seven-inch version, many companies also produce larger versions up to ten inches in height.

In addition to choosing between the seven-inch version and the ten-inch version, you can also choose to have the custom bobbleheads custom sculpted. In this case, the outside of the doll is simply painted and the inside is left blank. After this painting process, the inside of the doll is either textured or sculpted.

There are some reasons why it may be beneficial to order custom-made bobblehead dolls instead of selecting from the standard seven-inch versions.

For example, seven inches is generally a good size for a custom-made bobblehead doll because it makes it easier for a person to hold the doll, while also being tall enough to where it will remain visible even when it is held to the side. However, regardless of whether your custom dolls are seven inches or ten inches in height, they are still fun and entertaining to buy and to wear!

In addition to having custom bobbleheads, it is also possible to order plastic miniatures that will come pre-designed, printed with the image you desire, and then cut out and painted. These can then be placed onto the bobblehead dolls that you have already ordered, making it even more convenient.

There are also several different kinds of surfaces on which to place these miniatures. Some are provided with a smooth plastic finish, while others come with a wood or rubberized finish. Most plastic bobblehead dolls are designed for a smooth, non-porous surface, while polyresin and rubber-based products are designed for surfaces that have a little bit of viscosity to help keep them in place.

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