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Life is short. Contact a Car Accident Lawyer.


If you are in search of an attorney to help with your car accident case, Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP is the best choice. The firm provides legal assistance for families facing medical and burial insurance issues after a fatal or severe injury due to accidents that kill approximately one million Americans every year! Are you looking someone on your side fighting against what belongs rightfully by gaining back wages? Give us call today if any questions (or concerns) about whether our law office can assist.

Auto Accident Lawyers

Many car accidents occur in San Diego, California because people take unnecessary risks such as cutting other cars off or running red lights. The result is a lifetime injury that may include spinal cord damage and paralysis from broken neck which might require lifelong rehabilitation with doctors who specialize in this type of medical care.

If you have lost your job due to being unable to continue working while recovering from a car accident, our Car Accident Lawyer San Diego can make things easier by filing a lawsuit against those responsible for causing pain and suffering. Compensation will be given out through this process which includes money paid towards the loss of income as well as medical bills incurred throughout treatment.

Helping accident victims

With 20 years of experience, our personal injury lawyers are highly trained in the field and will make sure you get what’s coming to you. Trust us when we say that this is something worth fighting for! Don’t hesitate—give us a call today so we can discuss your case with more detail.

At our law firm we understand the difficulty of being injured in an automobile collision and that’s why you come first when approaching your case. We will provide excellent legal representation without risking your wallet – from initial investigations to settlement negotiations or trial preparation, each client’s needs are met professionally at all times.

Experienced Attorneys

Car Accident Attorney San Diego has been around for 15 years. If you or a friend got into an accident while not wearing your seatbelt, contact us to help find justice and support during these difficult times.

The team at our firm is dedicated to upholding your best interests and ensuring that you receive justice. We know what makes accidents happen-those drivers out there who don’t wear their seatbelts, drunk driving, texting while driving etc.-and when tragedy strikes us want people like yourself (especially after being through such trauma).

The deaths of innocent people in car accidents due to drunk drivers have been a problem since the beginning of time. These collisions can also cause long-lasting consequences on survivors, family members and friends of victims alike. One example is that they often result in fatalities for those involved; speeding traffic incidents are caused when drivers aren’t paying attention or following regulations properly as well.

Call Today If You Have Been Injured in a Crash

When you need help with your insurance claim, the law firm of Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP will be there to ensure that it gets processed fairly. Don’t feel pressured into accepting a settlement offer for less than what’s owed to you!

If you find out that it was not your fault or if there were any other extenuating circumstances surrounding the accident, Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP’s lawyers will argue on your behalf. The law firm believes in taking every case seriously and fighting for justice from car accidents like yours.

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