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5 Common Laptop Issues and How to get them fixed


Any working laptop is likely to develop a problem warranting laptop repair. The options of laptop service and laptop repair service facilities have increased manifold.

The majority of laptop issues are common and there are faster remedies as well. Expensive repairs are very rare as common laptop issues have standard price tag.

List out the laptop complaints that have a quicker repair and call companies into laptop repair at home for a quicker, onsite solution. The new service options have laptop service in faridabad a very easy affair.

Laptop Issues

Overheating problem

Overheating dents laptop performance. The results can be system crashing needing the intervention of laptop repair service becoming imperative. Overheating has more to do with the small size and disturbed ventilation. Excessive dust clogs air vents and blocks the ingress of cold air.

The issue must be addressed by clearing choked air vents with a keyboard cleaner. Dust clogging can be solved by placing a piece of filtered cloth over the inhalation vent.

But take care not to insert a cloth piece at the exhaust vent, because hot air flows out quickly. Update BIOS for managing the laptop’s hardware via an installation file on heat management. Then connect the device to a power supply during BIOS updates.

Battery Draining: Long use of batteries cause power fatigue as lithium-ion batteries will be unable to hold more charge. Some batteries may have a fraction of the runtime requiring replacement via a laptop repair technician.

New batteries can be costly too and you have to get in touch with a repair expert who can source new batteries.

Bad Keyboard: Keyboards get bad due to prolonged use as keys become worn out. Use online guides as in Toshiba’s “Ask Iris” database for hardware replacement like keyboard issues.

System Crash: Panic grips as computers do not boot up. However, the problem has an easy solution by removing the hard drive as per the manufacturer guidance and keeping it in a USB enclosure. Thereafter, connect the USB cable to an open USB port of a working PC.

If the file system works then the hard drive must have an external drive and data transfer can be dine from the drive.

Virus and Malware

Viruses and malware paralyse the performance of the laptop. The way to prevent viruses is through antivirus software. Tools like ‘Ad-Aware’ and ‘Spybot: Search and Destroy’ are free while others are paid.

The problem in connecting to WiFi

If there is a WiFi that is not connecting to the laptop check if the aeroplane mode on a laptop is not switched off. Re-install network adapter’s drivers. Then scan for hardware changes and verify the update.

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