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How Can an Attorney Help Me With Child Support?


During planning or procedures, custody of minor children in the family will be determined with the help of a Houston Divorce Attorney. The parent with whom the children live is called the “custodial parent”, while the other parent is called the “non-custodial parent”. The non-custodial parent is generally required to pay a predetermined amount to the custodial parent to participate in the monthly expenses of raising the child or children. In addition to minor children, child support is required to support married children who have reached or are over the age of 18 but are full-time students.

A Child Support Order is issued by the presiding officer, usually a judge, according to Houston’s Child Support Guidelines. These Guidelines are statutes made by the Houston legislature that govern all child support orders in the state. These instructions are supplemented with a table to calculate the child support amount the noncustodial parent must pay in relation to total net income and the number of children receiving support. Although these are guidelines, the presiding officer has very little room for variance, actually only 5%, which is one reason why a competent child support attorney in Houston is essential to a successful outcome. .

Information to provide to a Houston divorce attorney

The formula used to determine the child support amount to be requested does not take into account the support expenses of either parent, but rather uses the calculation of the net income of each parent. Although a Houston divorce attorney may already have most of the information gathered to apply for a child support order if you are using the same representation, go to a different child support attorney in a that Houston may require a set of new documents. Here are some of the items you’ll need to present to a Houston divorce attorney:

Income documents

Get the most recent documents possible and be prepared to file new documents as soon as they are received by a Houston divorce attorney.

* Passbook

* Bank statements

* Profit and loss data from an accountant for self-employed parents

* Data of social security benefits or pension income

* Tax return information

* W-2, 1099, and W-9

* Most recent tax returns from 2 to 3 years

Health insurance information

Submit all health insurance information to a Child support attorney Houston. It includes not only the premium amounts, but also the types of coverage that extend to minor children.

Strict compliance with the advice of child support services

The government has taken the initiative to bet on this app. There are also several procedures that parents need to follow. Children’s well-being is definitely expected to enhance parental involvement in a positive way. There are many groups in which a child is entitled to these exclusive services.

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