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How to Check the Geometry of the Car Body

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There are multiple ways to check the geometry of the car body. The vehicle must be placed on an even surface, the wheel’s air pressure is brought to normal prescribed limits. Measurements are taken on the unchanged points of the skeleton (preferably the most distant ones), utilizing at least two control points. This process makes it possible to obtain the most reliable picture of the breakdown. Most often such type of thorough diagnostics is only possible in book car service online in Hyderabad. 


We start with similarly checking the glass. If there is a formation of horizontal cracks, this is one of the first signs of deformation. After the first step, the mechanic squats down to examine the sides – the longitudinal part of the car. By following these basic steps, all gaps and irregularities formed between the panels are better identified. Obviously, only a professional mechanic is able to assess the case visually. An inexperienced car owner, even with complete desire, will not be able to find anything.


To perform a geometry check with a tape measure, first, find the factory data on remote control points. While performing measurements, their diameters must be considered to carry out the measurement correctly – by considering the middle or extreme parts of the holes. If the standard geometry values are absent from the car, then the parameters of the exact vehicle, only intact, are used as a reference.


One of the most effective tools for measuring test points in addition to the ruler is the lever. It often comes equipped with some measuring tape, which allows you to diagnose the condition of the car’s planes. In addition, measurements are also carried out using a calliper and a large-scale telescopic rail. The first tool is used to calculate the correct alignment of the wheels with respect to each other, and the second tool is utilized to check the body deformation.

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No matter how ideal the tools were, they are still far from the quality of stationary equipment found at car repair at home in Hyderabad.

In professional car service workshops, readings are broadcasted to a large display, where a three-dimensional model is created, and the value is compared with standard values. This process makes it possible to identify defects with 99% accuracy.

Operation of a car with distorted geometry: possible consequences

Even a novice car owner understands that it is dangerous to operate the machine with an offset body! This includes damage to side members, beams, frames, subframes, etc. In addition, it also affects the daily consumption of car ownership, leading to an increase in fuel consumption, it also significantly affects safety.

If there is some distortion in the bodywork, it can lead to uneven tire wear. The fact can explain this instance that the chassis is attached to an integrated load-bearing frame. Consequently, the car body controls the accuracy of the location of the units attached to the undercarriage part of the vehicle. If the car is involved in a severe accident, the points deviate from the actual pattern, which does not allow setting the correct vanishing/camber angles.

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