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How to Use a Watering Wand


You may have planted many plants around your house. Perhaps, you’re finding a good quality piece of equipment to water your plants. If our guess is correct, then you need to invest in a watering wand to make your surroundings greener and more beautiful.

A watering wand, also called a watering lance, is such a piece of equipment that is attached to pipes or a hose. The water starts flowing through the pipe to water the plants. You can use it not only for watering the garden but also for other purposes like cleaning, bathing the pet, and spraying insecticides.

watering wand

Regardless of purchasing the best watering wand, you need to know how to use a watering wand. That’s why we’re going to talk about what a watering wand is and how you can use it to water your plants. Keep reading the entire article to gather more information.

How To Use A Watering Wand

When your plants need water, you should use a watering wand. To check the soil, whether it requires water or not, put your finger into the soil for a few inches. If you feel it dry, then use your watering wand to provide a sufficient amount of water.

Water Deeply Every Few Days

Instead of putting water into the soil every day, you should use your watering wand to water deeply after a few days. As a result, water will help the roots reach deeper and become tolerant to avoid drought.

Follow the Rule of Thumb

You need to follow the rule of thumb when watering the plants in the garden. The rule says that you should put half a gallon of water into the soil per square foot. You will need to put more water if you feel the days so much hot and dry.

Use the Watering Wand at the Base of the Plant

You need to make sure that you put water right at the base of the plants using your watering wand. Therefore, the water will help the plants splash the leaves. It also keeps harmful bacteria and fungi away so that they cannot reach the top of the plants.

Try to Water Plants in the Morning

You can water your plants anytime, but giving water in the morning is the best for the plants. If you use your watering wand in the morning, it will help your plants evaporate the excess water and prevent the attack of bacteria and fungi.

Benefits of Using a Watering Wand

Using a watering wand is beneficial. One of the best benefits of it is that its gentle rain-like spray doesn’t smash fragile seedlings and delicate flowers. If you’re using a long wand, it allows you to water plants without bending or using a stepladder. You can water your garden without causing any damage to your plants.


Sometimes, your watering wand may get clogged, and water won’t come out. It usually causes due to calcium or mineral deposits, especially when you use groundwater. Don’t be frustrated; just check your watering wand before using it.

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