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Idea unlimited data plans below Rs. 500


Various networks have released many attractive offers under Rs. 500 to make it comparatively cheaper while offering the widest services possible. Network providers like Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Jio have put us all in a fix by giving us plans under Rs. 500 that are in close competition with each other.

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Here are some of the best unlimited data plans below Rs 500 by Vodafone Idea:

  1. The 249 Plan: It is a 1.5GB data plan offered by Vodafone Idea. As the name suggests, the plan is priced at Rs. 249. The offer includes 1.5 GB data per day for 28 days, which makes it a total of 42 GB data, with unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS free per day. However, the plan does not offer any FUP. Both off net and on net calls are unlimited. The cost per GB per day is Rs 5.93 and the plan is valid for 28 days. Overall, this is a good Vodafone Idea recharge for moderate data users who require more call minutes.
  1. The 398 Plan: The plan is valid for 28 days, in which you get 3 GB of high-speed data every day. This makes a total of 84 GB data for 28 days which is a steal for those who have higher data requirements. The plan also gives unlimited calling to any number and 100 SMS per day. Both On net and Off net calls are unlimited. The cost per GB per day is kept at Rs. 4.73 for 28 days. The plan is great for those people who have higher data usage requirements.
  1. The 449 Plan: The plan comes with a variation where it offers 2 GB data for a total of 56 days, which means the plan is packed with 112 GB data for the total period of 56 days. It also gives unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS per day. The plan, again, does not come with FUP. Off net and On net calls are unlimited. The cost per GB per day is Rs. 4.01. People with greater demand for high-speed net for a longer period should avail this plan.

These are some of the best plans by Vodafone Idea that come under Rs. 500 and their advantages. All these plans aim to make your life more convenient and smoother, and for this reason, even the recharge for these plans should also be hassle-free. So, to recharge your plans you can log in to the official website of Airtel Payments Bank that ensures effortless and secure transactions for all your appliances. You can recharge your mobile plan or even your utility bills without any trouble of cash or cheque transactions. The mobile recharge can be done in less than 2 minutes, where you will also be provided with all the necessary information about the same on your registered mobile number and email-ID.

Airtel Payments Bank is your one-stop destination for all your Vodafone Idea recharge which can be completed in a few clicks. Other than this, you can also check out applications such as Paytm, Google Pay, etc.

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