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Information on the Types, Training and Usefulness of all Social Networks


We have heard so many times that social networks are being used by millions of people and each time there are users who are becoming digital natives. It is considered to be the digital age. Visit “Digitalmarketing” if you want to know more about the usefulness of social networks.

Without a doubt, social networks have changed our environment, and we are even connected more to the virtual world than to the classroom.

Therefore, we will tell you how social networks originated and how they became the main business channels for various brands. Join “SEO Communities” to get updates on social networks.

First, What are Social Networks?

People have always been looking for new ways to communicate and interact. Consult “SEO Agency Dubai” to get tips about communication on social networks.

A new way to do this is the use of social networks, which are the innovative platforms and web applications that are used to communicate, relate and interact with other individuals who have a relationship or interests in common to create a community or groups.

These applications or new digital platforms have favored the relationship between people around the world, and despite the fact that they are thousands of kilometers away, they can be communicated and know the latest trends and news from the most remote places on the planet.

Through social networks, millions of people can establish contact with others by creating online communities.

This was how new ways of communication emerged, and the best-known social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, among others, were created.

Origin of Social Networks

The means of communication on the Internet were very scarce, and web pages and blogs did not have the precise or sufficient information for all the searches of thousands of users in the world.

For people who wanted to communicate with family or friends who were at a long distance, it was very difficult for them to have communication since the means were scarce.

However, this context changed in mid-1995, when a page called was created, which was created for the purpose of connecting people with schoolmates, and finding more users within this circle.

This website was created by Randy Conrads, who brought thousands of Americans back to schoolmates. They contacted the people whom they haven’t seen for a long time. This was the first attempt to create a social network that helped to connect and find people after many years without seeing each other.

Since then, new applications have been created to fulfill the purpose of communicating with people from different parts of the world.

In 2002, Friendster was created, which is considered as one of the first official social networks in the world. This application was created for the purpose of finding friends, and in a short time it managed to have more than 200 thousand users.

After the popularity of that social network, others such as MySpace began to be created in 2003.

Starting in 2003, the Main Social Networks such as:

MSN Messenger: It was an instant messaging service that was created by the Microsoft company in 1999. It quickly became successful among its more than 330 million users worldwide because it was possible to create online conversations with friends and family through the messaging service.

It was more accessible to many people from thousands of meters away. In addition, it began to dabble with emoticons, games and the famous buzz that began to become the favorites of its users, but what led to its disappearance?

Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 2005 due to the replacement of Windows Live Messenger, which is now replaced by Skype.

Hi5: It was launched in 2003, and managed to have more than 70 million registered users. It was the social network that dominated Latin America, and was one of the most dynamic between 2004 and 2006 since users could customize their profiles, post gifs and photos.

Hi5 had brand freedom, that is, you could see the profiles of many users, and they indicated which people had reviewed your profile.

However, all that freedom was put against, because with the appearance of Facebook, security regulations were met for the privacy of its thousands of users. This was one of the factors that caused the failure of Hi 5, which came to the end of it in 2007.

Facebook: This social network was launched on February 4, 2004, and was created by Mark Zuckerberg. It achieved great popularity in 2006, and allowed thousands of students and other people from several backgrounds to have a friendship and work, etc.

It has been successful due to interaction tools such as post reactions, and the benefits it offers to thousands of users and brands worldwide. It is currently the most widely used platform in the world.

YouTube: In 2005, YouTube was officially launched as a platform dedicated to video broadcasting. In 2006 it was acquired by Google Inc. The success of this social network has been growing every day, since millions of people can access it. Thanks to the interaction of audiovisual content.

Thousands of users can post their videos, and somehow you can make a profit. Since then it has become one of the most visited and used platforms by millions of users in the world.From those seeking to connect, to those seeking to sell, there’s something for people from all walks of life, even kids videos have a huge audience on YouTube.

Twitter: This social network appeared in 2006, and began to gain popularity for its 140 characters called tweets. These were inspired by the telegrams that journalists used to send the news to the newsroom, and it was characterized by the brevity of the words.

In early 2007, this platform was considered one of the most used applications in the world.

Instagram: It was officially launched in October 2010, and quickly gained popularity, reaching more than 100 million users but Facebook acquired the company in 2012. Its success is due to the fact that both people and brands take advantage of the images and videos to build customer loyalty.

Also, there are other social networks like Orkut that was owned by Google, MSM Messenger, Pinterest among others, that have been appearing to communicate and connect online communities.

More and more users around the world are registering to access these platforms, and interact with people.

What are Social Networks Good for?

Social networks are being used by millions of people. Thanks to interaction, the exchange of information between groups of people who have similar interests, among other activities.

When they were created in early 2000, they were designed to fulfill some basic functions, but over the years their functions have been increasing.

Some of these features are vitally important to people or brands with a large following. Thousands of people in the world emphasize that social networks are useful, therefore, we will indicate in the following points that how they are useful:

Create or Generate New Connections

Social networks are a source of searching for friends or people who have certain interests or hobbies in common. In addition, they allow interaction between millions of people around the world.

This is the most common way of expanding our circle of friends, since friends of friends are often searched among these platforms.

Maintain Personal Contacts

Social networks allow you to form communities of friends, therefore, one can find people who are known to each other from school, university, work, family, and other groups where they want to maintain communication despite the distance and continue to maintain contact with them.

Maintain Professional Contacts

Just as social networks allow us to find friends, it also helps us find contacts to create interpersonal relationships. These are ways to create business or employment opportunities.

To be Updated

They have become the new communication platforms, since news or information is immediate and in real time. So we can keep ourselves updated at any time of the day.

Find Information

Social networks are used to have fast and immediate information, and now with some new tools, it is possible to have them in real time .

These are meant to find information about people, places or about a specific point. In addition, you can get answers to any questions because the Community Manager will be attentive to your message or comment.

Promote Products or Services of a Company or Individual

If you have a company or business, social networks can help you to reach more people effectively, and meet the goals of your brand.

Furthermore, these are excellent business channels to attract your customers, to promote your products or services, and to continue promoting your brand as a company or individual.

Generate Web Traffic

The advantage that social networks gives us is that we can connect our sites or web pages to generate more visits.

Build an Online Community

Social networks help to strengthen reputation, build credibility and develop trust with your followers.

Here, the image of a brand can be exposed to negative comments therefore, these criteria must be taken into account if you want to build an online community.

General Characteristics of Social Networks

Just as social networks have a purpose and were created for a certain purpose, they also have certain general characteristics that help thousands of people to be more connected and have fluid communication. It allows more users to use the social networks to stay updated.

Therefore, we have mentioned the main general characteristics of social networks:


If we analyze the main social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram among others, we will see that each of them offers different tools or applications to motivate the user to stay on it.

In addition, the publications of these platforms can become interactive when they have various reactions (in the case of Facebook), retweets, likes on Instagram, or comments.


Now, you can access different social networks from any mobile device, since new technologies have helped thousands of people to be connected from their cell phone to tablets or computers.

For this reason, several social networks have configured their versions for mobile devices or PCs.


Social networks allow you to create a profile and configure it according to your preferences. Thus, the user’s tastes and personality can be adapted having direct interaction with other people who have the same interests.


If there is something that stands out from social networks it is that they can reach all audiences, since they are massive because it has thousands of users around the world. Therefore, content, such as advertising or news, is easier for more people to see.

Virtual communities

Social networks have become virtual communities that help to diversify user information, and where communication is a fundamental part of forming groups where preferences, personal tastes, interests and opinions can be shared, among other topics.


One of the most outstanding characteristics of social networks is immediacy, since through these platforms you can get news or information in real time. This point for brands is essential because when the user gets a response at the moment, it can give a good image of the brand.


Social networks make the content that gains the most interactions, that has been shared, retweeted, spread and become viral content. This is how contents become viral notes.

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