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Kunzea: The White Cloud Essential Oil


Kunzea is known as an effective herbal plant that produces essential oil. It is also referred to as the following:

  • White cloud
  • Tick bush
  • Tasmanian spring flower

The shrub, Kunzea Ambigua, has a pleasant aroma that soothes and relieves pain. There is an available and affordable kunzea & pure essential oil online to order. Despite the great usage by the native cultures, the diverse health benefits of Kunzea oil kept as a secret by many people. The therapeutic uses of Kunzea oil have emerged.

Medicinal use of Kunzea oil

The medicinal properties of Kunzea oil are unexpected. You will use it to promote vitality and healthy in your daily life. The essential oil of Kunzea is distilled from the green branchlets, leaves, and twigs of the plant. Kunzea is scientifically classified as the following:

  • Kunzea Ambigua
  • Poverty Bush
  • Tasmanian Kunzea
  • Tick Bush
  • White Cloud

Myrtle family includes Kunzea Ambigua as a member of the Myrtaceae. The plant is endemic to Australia, and it originally grows abundantly in Tasmania. With many regions of Australia, Kunzea oil is primarily sourced in Tasmania. The essential oil of Kunzea has an aromatic, pleasant scent with fresh and clean invigorating undertones. The aromatic scent of the plant is compared to the Australian Bush scent.

The best-kept secret of Tasmania   

The increasing number of medicinal benefits of plants on the earth. Kunzea oil is included. It has an active ingredient that can be produced as over-the-counter-products. These OTC products include the following:

  1. ointment
  2. natural cream
  3. massage oil
  4. liniment

The full therapeutic potential of Kunzea oil offers a positive impact in the lives of many people all over the world.

Pure essential oil

Kunzea has a 100% pure essential oil that effectively reliefs muscular and joint pains. The pure essential oil of Kunzea can be used for:

  1. Arthritis pain
  2. Symptoms of influenza
  3. muscular aches and pains
  4. Relieve stress, nervous tension, and mild anxiety
  5. Rheumatism pain

Is Kunzea safe for pets?

For you to know, Kunzea essential oil is one of the most effective and has naturally multi-use oil. The pure essential oil is an anti-inflammatory with properties aiding to relieve the muscular and joint pains. But, these are for humans. For people asking if Kunzea oil is safe for pets, the answer is yes. It can be used for pets to eliminate and get rid of fleas. The oil has no side effects, and it is very safe to use. Plus the oil is non-toxic and can be of general use. If you are planning to use it for your pets, then feel free of using it. It offers the same health benefits to your pets. If humans are relieved by the oil upon the application, then so as with the pets.

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