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Runtime application self-protection


These days the concept of digitalization is the base for everything. You can find every company getting into the tasks that are based on digital means. Now, applications are the area that all the businesses are making the most of. If you are also developing your applications or you have your apps that you use to run your business or to store the data of your consumers or customers; you need to be thoughtful about app safety.

application self-protection

Here, if you think how can you guard your applications then rasp or runtime application self protection is one thing that you must not miss out on.  You need to invest in this security system because attack vectors on applications have turned out to be much intelligent that they cannot just be easily detected only through human intervention. A seemingly inoffensive http request – that imitates genuine incoming traffic – might get used to trip down applications and end up compromising business-critical processes.

You would agree that present day applications interact with users, back-end servers and even that of databases using apis, json, and even that of xml formats. In case these app and server components are not carefully secured, hackers or attackers can easily take complete control of the app code, user data, or even both.  So, you need to be wise about the security of your applications.

What is it designed for?

Rasp technology is specifically designed for the two most popular application servers known as java virtual machine (jvm) and that of .net common language runtime. Similarly, remember that extra implementations are expected more and more companies are investing in this platform for the best outcomes.

Why should you pick rasp?

Organizations or companies are turning to this rasp because zero-day defects are on the constant increase . The point is researchers have found thousands of new vulnerabilities in the realm of app threats and here rasp tools can easily thwart attacks that target these freshly found vulnerabilities. Similarly, some applications cannot simply get sufficiently secured prerelease. Security stakeholders can easily run into cases where applications cannot or simply won’t benefit from prerelease application security testing.

What should you check in a rasp solution?

Well, to invest in a versatile and well-designed rasp solution, pick a product with the below given attributes:

  • Visibility into the application beyond what a waf offers
  • Autonomous operation.
  • Both features of passive and active incident response
  • It should have support for different languages and platforms.

The point is there are so many features that you would may want for yourself. Make sure that you carefully go through the options that are there for you. Hence, you can be sure that you get a great experience. Compare the solutions and choose the one that matches the best with your needs.


So, you can discuss your needs with appsealing experts and they would get you the right solution. After all, you should not miss out on raspas it can provide an extra layer of protection for applications once you deploy it in your organization. Once you use it, you would be safer and at a better peace of mind level.

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