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Temperature Of Dubai Desert At Night


Have you spent a night in the Lahbab desert of Dubai? If yes, then you may know about the majestic place and temperature of the Dubai desert at night. 

Dubai Desert At Night

You may need a light jacket to wear at night because the weather at night is chilly. In the winter season, the temperature drops to the mid-10s mostly. You should take a fleece or pashmina with you over your t-shirt when you visit a desert safari Dubai.

You can take these extra things along with you in January because in the winter season weather becomes pretty cold immediately after the sunset. Visitors who came from cooler places may not feel the temperature much cold.

Cold weather also depends on your stay in the desert. If you stay for a long time or night after the sunset, you will feel cold. But if you do not stay in the desert after sunset, you will not think that the desert’s temperature is cold.

The first hours after the sunset will not make you feel cold. After this time, you start feeling the low temperature, and that’s why you may sit close to the fire in the desert. 

People also spend nights in the deserts within their camps to experience night activities and make their time memorable. Desert in winter is something unique to feel for many people. They visit the desert at night mostly and sit around the fire to enjoy the night.

You are lucky if you get the chance to camp in Liwa. These camps provide you with sleeping bags to have a comfortable sleep on the sand instead of tents. Go and enjoy a wonderful weekend in the desert safari.

In Liwa, the weather can become colder. Deserts are sunny, mostly in the daytime. You will notice a lack of cloud cover or humidity during the whole day. Humidity air exerts a moderating effect, and due to these effects, the air takes time to become warm or cool.

Dry air cools very fastly at nighttime when the sun is no longer discharging the heat. Large water bodies and some oceans also have a moderating effect. Many people plan trips to visit deserts, and they enjoy many activities of their interest.

Most people say that the desert’s temperature becomes cold at night in the deserts while daytime it’s hot. But the temperatures vary to a great extent in Dubai. You will feel that the weather remains hot and when half of the year passes, people feel slight temperature changes.

The chances of rain throughout the year are also less. The area of the Dubai desert is temperate. Tourists visit Dubai during winter to enjoy their time, but people also visit Dubai during the summer.

The warm time of the year is July month. Temperature becomes much higher in July. You will find cold in February in Dubai. The chance of snow and rain are also very rare at the start of January. 

The Desert of Dubai has humid as well as dry months. These months come opposite to one another. May is the least humid month in Dubai. During this month, the average humidity rate is 29%. Dubai is located near the Tropic of Cancer and that’s why it is sunny and warmer.

The average temperature in the daytime in winter is 25°C. The weather in the deserts is 5°C surprisingly, and it becomes more relaxed at night. 

Desert nights remain calm throughout the year. Temperature exceeds 43°C in the summer season. The rainfall is not frequent in Dubai, and it lasts for a brief period. Rain starts between November and March in Dubai.

You can say that rain falls for just 25 days in Dubai throughout the year. It is up to you either you visit deserts in the day or the night time because choices of people differ a lot.

Some people like sunny weather while others love to enjoy cold nights in the alluring deserts of Dubai. There are many activities to do in the deserts, both day and night time. You should not miss the visits to Dubai deserts. Plan according to the weather and make memories for a lifetime.

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