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Treating Cancer with Hemp Oil: Important Benefits


As a marijuana user, it’s exasperating that marijuana, a “drug” that is nowhere near as harmful as alcohol, is still not legal everywhere in the U.S. I feel that it was placed on this earth by the powers that be, along with probably most other plants on the earth, to be used for treatment of many human ailments, rather than the chemicals and poison we take in every day, in our environment and medications. I cannot think of a more valuable use for this plant than for cancer treatment. Hemp oil cancer treatment has been coming forward little by little like a better treatment for cancer than chemotherapy and other methods.

I sent an article to my dad about CBD oil for cancer – he was being treated for cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). But being of an older generation, he didn’t want to have anything to do with marijuana or any other illegal drugs, even though I told him that CBD oil doesn’t contain THC, the chemical that gets you high. The ironic part is, chemo is poison to cancer and to the body. His chemo was the only palliative, whereas cannabinoid treatment may have had cancer reversing results. He stopped chemo and was in hospice care soon after, where he was given poppy-based morphine, hydrocodone, and later Fentanyl since his pain increased at the end. These meds served to kill pain, but also made him very slow, and the last few days of his life, he half-slept, incognizant.

I don’t know if CBD oil treatment would have helped with the severe pain and other symptoms he had at the end of his life, but it could have benefitted him earlier in his treatment. It’s common knowledge that marijuana alleviates the chemo side effect of nausea, but the pain relief would have also helped him. The lessening of pain from the cannabinoid would also have helped his appetite, anxiety, and certainly sleep. My dad’s cancer was incurable, but if he had started hemp oil cancer treatment early after his cancer diagnosis, he may have at least lived longer.

The studies and lab tests of animals have stood out to me – showing that cannabinoids kill cancer cells (reversing cancer progress), and do not harm normal cells. In addition to these benefits, arguably the best benefits of all are the low cost, and even more, the natural ingredients.

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