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Treatment of erectile dysfunction


Well there are no such common health problems to be found in every individual, everybody deals with a different problems but erectile dysfunction is one such problem which can be found in almost 70 percent of the men. Impotency is a common problem but if not treated on time then it can aggravate. After aggravating then it can be more disturbing, so it should be treated on time and there are various medication for treating it. Generic cialis is a drug which is the generic form of cialis. The quality of the generic form is pretty high and it does not lack in terms of efficiency or safety. The cost of the generic cialis is lower than that of its counterpart but it solves and treats the same problem in the same manner.

When should it be taken?

The main indications for taking generic cialis for treatment are:

The sexual dysfunction in men
Prostatic hyperplasia
Pulmonary hypertension
To know more about the health problems and issues in which generic cialis should be taken one can visit www. It has all the information related to generic cialis.

In which form it should be taken?

The generic cialis is available in the tablet form; each tablet of generic cialis contains 20 mg of Tadalafil. These tablets are of yellow colour and are quite bitter in taste but for treating a problem like erectile dysfunction, they are magical. One should be alert enough to check the expiry of this product as it has a shelf life of 2 years. You can check for further details.

The possible side effects of taking generic cialis

There are no such harsh effects of taking generic cialis until and unless it is taken in a higher dose, the mild effects of generic cialis that can be seen are:

Redness on the face
Nasal congestion
Short term headache
Slight nausea
Slightly numb limbs
What does it contain?

Generic cialis is known for containing the powerful component called Tadalafil, it is a substance which helps in pushing the blood to the penis to make it erect. Tadalafil is a synthetic substance which is responsible for erection in men and that also only when the men are sexually aroused. The effect of Tadalafil is strong so it is known to stay for thirty two hours; it is safe drug which is quite helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.

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