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Unwind with Good Hands Massage

Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage

Are you stressed out and in pain? Are you looking for a way to reduce your risk of chronic disease? Good Hands Massage has the answer. Come in today, where we provide full-body Swedish massages that can also be customized with deep tissue massage (including foot reflexology), fresh linens and Chinese tea.

Full Body Massage

With our Citrus Heights Full Body Massage services, we use Swedish and Ashiatsu techniques to help relax your muscles. A relaxing massage with the goal of relieving muscle tension and stress is called a Swedish massage. An intense full-body deep tissue technique performed barefoot will further relieve any tense knots in the deeper layers of muscles than using only one method alone could achieve.

We provide two types of massage therapy: full body Swedish and Ashiatsu. Full body is our most popular option, but if you’re looking for something new to try then I recommend trying out the Ashiatsu style instead. These are the only massages that we offer in this establishment so have a seat on one of these tables and join us! If you’d like more information about an individual service or would prefer a combination package with Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology, please let me know at any time throughout your visit today. We take pride in providing high-quality customer care here at Good Hands Massage Therapy Clinic!

Deep Tissue Massage

By using a specific blend of Eastern and Western techniques, our Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage aims to improve your health in many ways. Our treatment improves the body’s state of resistance against stress through systematic release of tension on contracted areas by applying pressure. This allows for full healing which requires relieving tensions that are below the surface.

As a result of strained or overworked muscles, deep tissue massage can help treat pain. Studies have shown this treatment to increase flexibility and mobility by reaching far into the tissues to clear out knotted blood vessels. Those with chronic pain may benefit from it, such as arthritis patients experiencing muscle soreness after physical activity. Deep tissue massage is also useful for specific relief while targeting injured areas on your body due to exercise or sitting all day at work – like lower back discomfort from an intense workout session that has left you stiff in joints because standing up made them ache even more but walking would just cause further injury acting almost as if they were broken again except not quite since no bone was actually damaged only soft fleshy skin covering hardened bones.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is a traditional Chinese technique that involves massaging the feet and hands to stimulate different points throughout the body. Reflexologists believe there are reflex points followed by energy lines running up each arm and leg, which can be used for alleviating symptoms elsewhere in your body.

A massage therapist can use a variety of techniques to help balance the body’s health and treat conditions such as autoimmune disorders, inflammation, or mental illness. This includes applying pressure using their hands on certain parts of your feet which are connected to different organs in the body with nerve endings that will react when stimulated by this type of touch therapy called reflexology. The main difference between foot reflexology compared to deep-tissue massages is you do not have remove any clothes during it so anyone uncomfortable having items removed should consider getting one done instead.

At Good Hands Massage Citrus Heights, we offer a variety of massages for our customers to choose from. If you want relaxing and soothing massage experience in one session, then try out our combination service with Swedish or deep tissue options available! We’ll provide you with fluffy robes and towels at every visit so that your whole body can be relaxed as soon as the treatment starts. Call us today!

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