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Ways to use your digital workspace


Digital transformation is affecting workplaces everywhere. Being limited to physical offices is a thing of the past. Modern employees need a dynamic environment, flexible time, flexible space, and flexible working methods. Most importantly, the digital switchover doesn’t have to interfere with teamwork habits or routines or increase established connections.

Because global companies are the first jobs to transform a geographically dispersed, multicultural workforce into an efficient, collaborative, and productive workforce, old tools, technologies, and business models are rapidly degrading. Businesses today recognize that change in the workplace is the key to business change. For this reason, time tracking for remote employees can be a perfect solution that will help you optimize your remote team performance, time, and project management.

Flexibility is one of the easiest things to understand about space. Digital workplace solutions can be defined in any way, so their capabilities are limitless. Here is a typical example of using your digital workspace in Communifire.

Digital workplace solutions 

1. Connect employees to the company intranet.

The central communication area of ​​the company is a valuable asset. With the help of company intranet software, you can share news, updates, events and chat with company employees. Invite team members into personal spaces to facilitate communication and collaboration. You have complete control over who can access the information in your digital workspace.

2. Set up spaces for each department in your business.

It creates space for the type of business, and the work is done quickly and efficiently. Lack of staff is a crucial place for company policies and employee information. The Marketing / Sales space creates a space for communication and collaboration between prospects and sales strategies. Software error tracking is improved thanks to the IT space.

3. Open up to all customers and provide better support.

Develop a customer area where customers ask questions or view support wikis. This way you can easily find the information you need.

4.Provide a white-glove service starting with a space for each customer.

You can create a space to meet the needs of individual customers and meet the overall needs of your customers. It provides a secure environment for communication and collaboration with your team while keeping your information confidential.

5. Use spaces to create a community of products or services.

Create public spaces centered on goods or services. Build community and provide a transparent environment where question and answer products are highlighted.

6. Increase productivity and launch a project management plan.

Enabling employees to create digital workspaces helps promote self-organization and goal orientation. Project status, task list, and milestones can be disclosed. Then they stay on the same page so they can work together as a team.

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