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What Are the Things Happened in Home Appliance Organization of Dawood?


Who doesn’t love home appliances? the people in Pakistan are gifted with a home appliance company known as Dawlance. This company offers all types of home appliances which was founded by bashir dawood in the year 1980 privately. It started working with the vision to provide superior and qualified home appliances throughout Pakistan for all the homes.

Home appliance company of dawood

This is the organization for home appliances launched by mr dawood to offer quality home appliances to the Pakistan people. In the year 1980 it started the refrigeration production. Then it started its first branch near to the karachi steel bride. It has thirty years of experience in manufacturing field while led to the path of home appliance company. This company is proud as it offers excellently created products and customers with post sale services.

It got later expanded by mr dawood beyond the city of karachi and opened a branch in Hyderabad area. It turned into the seventh prominent local brand of this nation. This is due to its offering of superior and quality products to their customers. There are about branches of thirty-seven in the middle east with 750 franchises present around the Pakistan. It was awarded with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001.

This is the organization which is deeply dedicated to provide best products which are reliable and included with new innovations. They strive hard to promote their values of organization to every levels of the company. The founder, dawood is the active individual who is providing a business culture with transparency and great team work. The team and the people working in this company put their best efforts to make the dream of dawood to turn into reality. It’s the desire of him to this nation in putting unwavering and relentless efforts to accomplish the long-term objectives. They use transparency, communication, unity, and mutual respect of peers to help the consumers in offering best items to them. It also comprises of core strong foundation and productivity culture.

In the year of 2016, this organization was sold and obtained by a Turkish company of home appliances. This company at present manufactures spit systems, microwave ovens, and freezers etc along with other home appliances. The team of this organization are dedicated to this company’s mission for offering home appliances and tools.

Thus, these are the things which happened in the company of home appliance belonged to dawood. Their only aim is to provide better and superior products to their beloved customers. They even feel proud in promoting this company services to the Pakistani people and help the customers to pick the correct home appliance product for their home.

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