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Explore The Types Of Different Masks Including Wholesale Facemasks Rates


20th Century has broughta new global trend of ‘masks’ due to the protection from COVID-19 as masks plays a vital role in protecting us from this deadly virus. Earlier, masks were basically used by the medical professionals and electrical workers but now every single human being has to wear it in order to protect themselves from Corona.

Explore The Types Of Different Masks Including Wholesale Facemasks Rates

There are a variety of masks present in the market depending upon the usage and protection.

Wholesale facemasks EN14683

Wholesale facemasks are manufactured mainly from the TESTEX manufactures. These are hygienic and well quality disposable respirator masks and protectorates from various infection scenarios like-

  • Public who are staying in crowded places
  • People who usually attends medical institutions.
  • People who are involved in intensive learning and activities for schoolchildren.

Details of wholesale masks

  • Application– mostly used in various sectors like hospital, dental, cleaning &sanitation, preparation of food, industrial works.
  • Style of the mask- flat ear loop type.
  • Material used in making the mask– 20-25-gram non-woven fabric.
  • Size of the mask– 7.5 cm* 9.5cm
  • Packing of the mask- 50 pieces per box and 200 pieces per CTN

Different types of facemasks available in the market

  • Surgical facemasks- these masks are basically one time usable and are loosely fitted, disposable masks. They are mostly used by the Doctors and medical staffs and also by the front-line workers. These gives protection against bacteria and dust particles asthey are completely fluid resistance. Medicated non-woven fabric are used in making these masks.
  • 3 Fly Face Masks- these masks are made up of 3 layers consisting of insulators and different medicated fabric; generally used by public and medical professionals.They protect us from pollution and micro bacterial particles.
  • N95 Face Masks– these masks consist of US standard air purifier which saves us from micro particles, pollution and airborne bacteria. It is safer and stronger to use than the other masks. There are also various Illinois Face Masks that can be bought and used by people.

Maintain a safe distance and know when to wear a mask-

  • Whenever you are shopping at essential places like grocery store or apharmacy.
  • While visiting a health care provider.
  • When you are feeling sick, coughing or sneezing.
  • While you perform some essential and important service such as state and local Government agencies which include laboratory testing, where close interaction and contact with the people are generally unavoidable.
  • During business meetings and interaction with the customers, clients or coworkers.
  • While you are travelling in public transportation.

Those who are staying at home need not have to wear a mask

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but make sure you always wear a mask whenever you go outside and have the chances of interaction with people.

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