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Know Why Relying on Supplements Alone Will Prove Useful to Safeguard Against COVID 19


Everybody is desperate to remain safe from the infectious COVID 19. One way is to use health supplements. There are millions of individuals, who believe that consuming supplements is adequate to prevent the deadly virus attack. However, well recognized health experts say that only taking the health boosting supplements won’t be enough to remain safe.

There is a strong belief that increasing the immunity level of the body is enough to fight the dangerous virus from influencing a person’s general health. Thus, consumers in every global arena are trying to stock up all the supplements that boost their body’s mechanism to act as an effective guard against the pandemic disease. There are other measures as well to adopt to be safe in this situation. However, before we seek out other measures, let us understand the reasons behind expert nutritionists and scientists saying not to rely only on supplements to fight COVID -19.

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Here are the prime reasons:

  • Consuming high dosage of vitamins and minerals won’t help you remain fit and healthy. The common vitamins taken to boost immunity of the body are Vitamin A, D and C. Minerals such as zinc and iron have a great caliber to keep immunity of the body intact.
  • Relishing on all fruits and vegetables are known to keep your immunity high. However, there are certain eatables that have some negative effect as well. Large consumption of such food can have a negative effect like increase in sugary content in the body and increase in weight. Even rising acidic level may prove dangerous to health.
  • Usage of Ayurvedic supplements – Yes, in many eastern countries people are following the ritual of having the herbal extracted products to keep them totally healthy. For example, in Ayurveda turmeric is known to have high anti inflammatory and anti -oxidant qualities that cures many symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and heals injuries. Ginger is good for treating throat pain, flu and cold symptoms. Lemon is a source of Vitamin C, thus prevents fatigue. While consuming them daily will boost your body’s inner strength to safeguard your health from outside elements and only having natural medications won’t be enough to remain safe during this pandemic situation.

You need to adopt other methods suggested by the healthcare professionals. One of the ways to protect ourselves is to wear the right masks. There are several online vendors who supply superior quality and Bulk Order Protective Masks. The masks will help you to move safely where ever you go and to avoid touching your face. These safety masks are designed with five layers of protection and you can breathe easily as it provides easy filtration.

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They are stylish and easy to breathe as well. Thus, wearing them won’t make you feel awkward in your work place. You can discard them any time and they are cost effectively priced. Hence wear your mask, maintain social distancing and don’t forget to keep maintain your body hygiene to escape from COVID 19.

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